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Gingerbread Apple Farm House

"Freestate Farms, Apple Orchard"

This first house depicts a small local apple farm selling various apple treats during the fall harvest season.
Gingerbread Apple Farm House

"Apple Farm Gingerbread House"

The design for this house and complete instructions were taken from the book, "". Only minor modifications were made.
Gingerbread Apple Farm House

"Pastillage Pumpkins and Coconut Grass"

Pastillage was used to make the pumpkins because we had some handy and coconut run through the blender colored green then toasted was used for the grass. I don't recomend pastallage for making the pumpkins. We would probably use modeling chocolate if we had more time, but the Pastillage was let over from the construction of the second houses siding (see Tree Farm Gingerbread House below).
Gingerbread Apple Farm House

"Green Popcorn Ball Apple Trees"

The apple orchard was constructed by attaching candy cane's using frosting to the base. Small holes to fit the candycanes were pre-drilled to help hold them solid. Brown forsting was piped over the candycanes to produce the tree trunks. The tree tops are green popcorn balls with red dragées attached for the apples.
Gingerbread Apple Farm House

"Pretzel Pumpkin Cart and Ladder"

The pumpkin cart and ladder were made from pretzels. The cart's wheels were pasta wheels, which were a little difficult to track down locally.
Gingerbread Apple Farm House

"Another view of the Pumpkin Cart and Trees"

Inside the cart, shreaded wheat cereal was used to make the hay.
Gingerbread Apple Farm House

"Apple Barrels and Lamp"

The apple barrels used a gumball with small gingerbread slats around it. The apples were made from red dragées with a tiny dab of green frosting to produce a stem on each. The lamp was made in a two step process, sugar work was used to make the ornamental mount and black icing was striped over a lemon head to produce the actual lamp globe. The two pieces were attached separately to the house.
Gingerbread Apple Farm House

"Pumpkin Cart"

Closeup of the cart.
Gingerbread Apple Farm House

"Freestate Farms"

Another view of the front of the house... the shingles were graham cracker cereal and the siding was piped on. The chimney was made by coloring gingerbread black and scoring it to look like brick before baking. The score marks were filled with white icing after it cooled.
Gingerbread Apple Farm House

"American Flag and Sign"

The flag was sugar work (tracing the flag onto parchment paper with royal icing) and letting it try. The flapost was made from pasta that was dampened then stuck together and let dry. The sign is gingerbread supported by 2 white candy canes with large red dragées decorated as apples. Food coloring pens were used to write the words.
Gingerbread Apple Farm House

"Final Shot"

The base was 30"x20" the drive was made from Necco wafers.

"MORE PHOTOS TO COME SOON... Check back again Sunday, December 4th, 2011"

Have a GREAT weekend... and come support Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Douglas County and see ALL THE GREAT Gingerbread houses on display at the Carnegie Library in downtown Lawrence, KS this week.

Gingerbread Empire State Building

A family of gingerbread work

"Gingerbread Empire State Building"

See our 2007 entry of the Empire State Building.
LINK: Gingerbread Empire State Building

Gingerbread Space Shuttle- by Christopher Julian

Gingerbread Space Shuttle

"Jayhawk Santa and Gingerbread Space Shuttle"

Click the photo to see local gingerbread artist Christopher Julian's awsome centerpiece for the 2009 Big Brothers, Big Sisters Gingerbread House Auction at the Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence, KS.

LINK:Gingerbread Space Shuttle and Jayhawk Santa by Christopher Julian


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